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It’s no surprise that managed IT solutions are becoming the norm for large and small businesses alike. They provide much needed results for challenges that may have plagued an in house IT department for months. Managed IT providers therefore when properly utilized can be an invaluable human resource asset to the business. Below, I discuss 3 ways that managed IT services can benefit your business.

1. Expertise

Managed IT staff have an excellent set of skill geared towards creating IT solutions for your business. These providers work in different environments and over time they have acquired useful experience from projects they have worked on. Since they come across diverse IT challenges for example network failure, hacking and server breakdowns, they are able to kick start and troubleshoot problems with relative ease and effectiveness. They are trained, experienced, certified and qualified. Challenges that would have slowed down progress in the IT department can be overcome with greater speed.  Additional advantages to implementing managed IT solutions are that businesses are able to keep up with emerging demands such as cybersecurity threats and app development that would otherwise be difficult for in house IT staff. Besides improving the efficiency, managed IT solutions increase the competitiveness of a business as more research and development can be implemented at a shorter amount of time.

2. Cost Saving

There are a number of expenses that can be mitigated when a business chooses to use managed IT solutions. The first is IT costs. Using managed IT services reduce the costs of maintaining expensive IT software or hardware. Businesses can forego the fixed IT costs that are related with sustaining a huge IT department and have variable costs. This is because businesses get to pay for the managed IT services only when they need them and this allows the business to better budget for their resources. The cost of hiring and training IT staff is also reduced. Salaries expenses will now go to fewer IT employees as a lower number of staff is needed to meet the business’ IT demands. Moreover, increased effectiveness in implementation of IT projects ensures that the business is always a step ahead consequently saving on overhead costs.

3. Reduced risk

Every business is faced with some amount of risk in the environment in which it operates. Outsourcing some of your work to managed IT providers lets them assume and manage these risks for you. Since they have more expertise on compliance issues in the industry, they are better suited in avoiding risks. Furthermore, managed IT solutions will help secure your information systems. Providers will assist keep your firewall up to date, implement PCI security standards, audit your workstations and servers and carry out other security protocols. With a managed IT provider, you can rest assured risks associated with maintaining sensitive information are minimized.

You definitely stand to benefit from using managed IT solutions as aforementioned and in many other ways. These services are helping level the playing field for businesses that are not able to foot the budget of state of the art IT departments. Join in!