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In video marketing, marketers use social videos with the intention of communicating their messages regarding products or services. In a nutshell, a social video is a digitized video that is created specifically to be watched and shared across social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

One of the greatest benefit of video marketing is the fact that most video consumers readily share these social videos with their personal networks. In fact, as many as 9 out of every 10 people who watch these videos often share them.

On Facebook alone, around 4 billion video views are recorded daily. With these kind of numbers, entrepreneurs that want to reach their core demographic must find ways to create and share video content to their followers on social networks.

Toronto based video production company Gardner helps businesses figure out how they can make the most of their social media presence by using engaging social videos that showcase their brands. A one minute or less video designed and created right can have impressive results for a business. That is why you should not shy away from talking to a video production company like Gardner about your vision for growth in the social circles.

As you approach a video production services vendor of your choosing, here are a few video marketing trends that will define this space in 2017, and that you should keep in mind as you plan your marketing strategy.

Facebook Live

Live videos on Facebook have become extremely popular and a real force in video marketing. This real-time connection between a brand and its followers is truly unique and its potential for brands is enormous.


Animations bring out the fun side of your brand and are an easy way to get your followers interested in your products and services enough to share with their social media networks. If you can create simple and insightful animations around fictitious characters that your audience can easily related with, then you will be a step closer to creating an unforgettable awareness campaign for your brand.

Stop motion

This is another interesting way of bringing your brand to life. Stop motion videos comprise of multiple photographs that are created to provide an exciting illusion of motion. Just by showcasing moving images of your brand, your target audience takes notice as your products come to life on their screens.