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MSP sales

By the year 2015, the demand for managed service providers or MSP for medium and small businesses may grow to an average of $200 million. Those practical MSPs will take this chance and most likely employ the services of sales experts that will assist them in drawing in the expanding field.

Here are some helpful guides in hiring an efficient MSP sales representative who can complement your company and its needs.

Analyze the Present Sales Process

You may probably have a system of sales that has helped your business operation for a long time. The following are the things that most of you have done in order to get your current clients, including the way you offered your services and the handling of your accounts:

  • Set appointments

  • Place some calls

  • Handle sold service contracts

  • Appear at strategy and marketing meetings

  • Join some training events

  • Retain and improve partnership with clients

  • Hold an interview with existing clients

Confer with your current clients about the sales process of your managed service provider in order to properly identify the type of sales environment which your sales representative must anticipate, as well as the possible strategies for selling the services to prospective clients. This method is going to boost your chances of finding a suitable MSP sales representative for your current business doctrine and techniques.

Make a Brief Job Description

With the two mentioned guides, make a precise job description of all of your specific needs like technical comprehension, communication skills and extensive sales experience. A clear definition of the job will make you acquire qualified applicants who can grasp your expectations.

Offer Good Compensation

A reasonable base salary with other compensation like a sales commission, will be appealing to an efficient and hardworking sales representative.In some cases, managed service providers usually give their sales representatives the initial one or up to two months of service payment as commission.

Begin the Recruitment

Get everything together and organize a plan to search for possible candidates who posses the qualities you need for the position. Put together a plan to find candidates who have the characteristics you want, and then use your contacts to draw some qualified applicants. Look into the graduates of business school that already have a wide range of orientation in sales courses and business ideas. Placing an advertisement on industry publications and job boards will also bring qualified candidates.

Hold an In-depth Interview

Choosing the applicants for interviews must be done once you already have the knowledge about their basic qualities based on their resumes and your job descriptions. Make use of this interview to enhance the rare personal experiences which an objective information will never reveal, such as the ability of the applicant to handle rejections or disappointments which are usually experienced by salespeople.

Managed service providers must apply an orderly trial period for making an assessment on the newly hired sales representatives before getting them on a permanent basis. Even if the interview or resumes are impressive, the performance of the new salespeople will be the most important part of finding out if you have made the right choice.